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Make it easy on yourself and consider the ductless heating and cooling system. These systems are affordable, energy efficient and very low maintenance. Once installed, they work year round. They bring a sense of freedom knowing that your home can be warmed and cooled without the need to call for heating oil, or the need to haul window mounted air conditioners into your bedroom ever again.

Each room gets a clean looking, wall mounted air handler that give your home a modern, smart atmosphere.

These systems require no duct work to set up but they can take advantage of existing duct work to remain out of sight if that’s preferred.

The wall mounted air handlers use refrigerant from an outdoor mounted heat pump, and draw air straight from your room. In the summer they pull hot air in and blow cold air out, and in the winter they do the opposite.

Control the system right from your phone and never overthink HVAC again.

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