A Guide to Mass Save Rebates for Homeowners Installing Air Source Heat Pumps

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A Guide to Mass Save Rebates for Homeowners Installing Air Source Heat Pumps

Air Conditioning | July 19, 2023

As a homeowner, you know that energy-efficient upgrades can lead to substantial utility savings over time. The good news is that there are incentives like Mass Save Rebates encouraging homeowners to make these upgrades. This blog post discusses Residential Mass Save Rebates and how Delta HVACR Services Inc. can help Massachusetts residents qualify for energy-efficient upgrades with rebates. As part of the Mass Save Heat Pump Installer Network, Delta HVACR Services Inc. offers an instant $10,000 rebate for customers converting to heat pumps as their sole heating and cooling source. Homeowners who keep their existing furnace or boiler while incorporating heat pumps can still qualify for a partial home rebate of $1,250 per ton of installed unit.


How do I qualify for Mass Save Rebates?

To qualify for a Mass Save Rebate, the first step is to schedule a Mass Save Home Energy Assessment. During this assessment, an energy specialist from Mass Save will evaluate the energy efficiency of your home and provide recommendations for potential upgrades. Your home must meet certain energy efficiency criteria in order for Mass Save to offer a rebate for a new, energy-efficient heat pump heating and cooling system.

If your home meets the criteria, then you are qualified to receive the rebate. However, if your home does not meet the minimum energy efficiency criteria, then Mass Save will recommend efficiency upgrades such as adding weather stripping around doors, sealing cracks around windows, blowing insulation into your attic, adding insulation to your basement floors, adding foam insulation around your pipes and other similar changes. When these recommendations are minimal they can cost less than $100 but in some instances, many changes need to happen and costs can exceed $1,000. When the recommendations are minor they are not mandatory, but if the weatherization recommendations are substantial and exceed $1,000, they must be completed to qualify for the $10,000 whole home conversion rebate.

When performing a whole home conversion, occasionally Mass Save will require a post-installation inspection to ensure that the newly installed units are on the Mass Save list of qualified equipment. These requests happen at random but need to be taken care of if required. If an inspection ends up being needed, an inspector that is assigned to your zip code will reach out and schedule an inspection date with you.


What does the post-installation inspection consist of?

The inspection can take the form of either a physical visit to your house or a “virtual” inspection where you provide clear photos of the units, displaying their model and serial numbers. The customer needs to be cooperative and accommodating with either request.


Are there any other rebates besides Mass Save?

Other than Mass Save Rebates, homeowners in Massachusetts may qualify for rebates through their municipal utility provider. Not all providers are affiliated with the Mass Save network; however, they may still offer their own rebates for energy-efficient upgrades. To find out which rebates are available in your area, we recommend you talk with a Delta HVACR Services Inc. representative or contact your utility provider. If you reach out to us with your questions, we will gladly discuss the opportunities that are offered to you locally. This includes local surrounding neighborhoods like Chicopee, Holyoke and Westfield which are not part of the Mass Save network.


Do you assist with the rebate process?

Absolutely! We not only provide guidance throughout the process, but we also offer the option to handle the entire rebate process for you. In fact, we’ll even give you the full rebate discount upfront, directly deducted from your bill. This means you won’t have to wait for the rebate check or worry about any of the paperwork involved. To make this possible we would process the rebate in our name and have the funds returned to us by Mass Save. The only thing you might need to do is schedule a post-installation inspection if required by Mass Save. Fortunately, as mentioned earlier this isn’t always needed and this inspection can be as simple as submitting pictures of the installed units to the inspector.


How much time do I have to take advantage of the Mass Save Rebates?

Mass Save is currently providing these rebates until the end of 2023. Don’t miss out on this opportunity and make sure to take advantage of them while they’re still available. Give us a call at 413-579-8484 or contact us online by following this link.

Mass Save is an excellent resource for Massachusetts residents looking to save money and increase the energy efficiency of their homes. With the help of Delta HVACR Services Inc. you can navigate the rebate process and identify all the energy-saving opportunities available to you. As a partner of the Mass Save program, we can help you qualify for rebates and incentives by making energy-efficient upgrades to your home. Once you qualify we can replace your dated HVAC system and leave you feeling satisfied with the improvement. In the end, you’ll enjoy a more comfortable home and lower energy bills, all while doing your part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

If you would like to learn more about Mass Save you can visit their website and read more here!

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