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Why is my air-conditioner not turning on in Westfield, MA?

A blank thermostat may not be a catastrophic problem, but it can be very frustrating. And if not addressed quickly, it can lead to more costly issues. Listed below are some common reasons why your thermostat screen is blank. Power surge or tripped breaker If you return home from work and discover your thermostat screen is blank, a power surge may have occurred. In most cases, the thermostat just needs to be rebooted, however, the process to reset the thermostat …

HVAC Tips for the holidays

The upcoming festive season is a great time to enjoy fun outside activities with family in your home, such as football games and movie nights. It is common for many homeowners to begin decorating their front doors with lights and other decorations at this time. Most people rarely think to think about their HVAC systems during seasons when holiday decor is in place. Although you’re spending a lot of time decorating your living space to look festive, do not forget …

Why do I need a winter tune up from my HVAC Contractor?

At Delta HVACR we want to help prevent as many HVAC breakdowns as possible and to help people understand why it is so important to have a regular HVAC maintenance program. Unchecked complications can lead to costly repairs or sudden failure are often the result. HVAC systems need to be regularly checked by a dependable heating and air conditioning specialist. Reliable maintenance is a service that examines, tests, and fixes essential components of the HVAC system. Professional maintenance can have …